"Crap!" Dr. Colter shouted, as he turned and ran down the hall, and hit the fire alarm.  He met two tech's in the hall, and in a highly paniced voice told them to get the hell out of the building.
    "Where's the fire?" yelled one of the tech's as Dr. Colter continued running down the hall.
    "Nine broke out durning the power outage.  Get out!" Dr. Colter yelled back.
    "Ah shit!" said the other tech as they ran for the next exit.h
    Dr. Colter made his way to the security office.
    "Before you ask, Nine broke out during the outage.  If you can, contain it to the building.  We can't let it outside. Kill it on sight.  Don't hesitate, or it will get you for sure.  You know what it can do," the doctor said, catching his breath.
    The three security gaurds grabed their rifles and began a search of the complex.  They soon found a gaping hole where a door used to be.
    "There's going to be heads rolling in all directions for this," one security guard stated.
    "Literally.  That thing will send heads a rollen," the other security guard said, shaking his head.
    Several hours later the research facility was packed with military personel.
    "Dr. Colter, explain to me what this thing is.  In detail," General Stevens ordered.
    "Well   It's a product of gene editing.  It is a composit, or chimera.  It has the gene's of a bear, wolf, eagle, salmon, and human.  It's just over 7 feet, and 300 lb's.  It can't stand the light.  We used spot lights to keep it contained, along with the bars.  It's extremely strong, fast, has great vision, hearing, and it's always hungry.  It does have one weakness however, it can't stand the light.  So when tracking it at night, it can be anywhere.  In the day, it will stick to the shadows," replied the doctor, looking rather sheepish.
    "Are you insane?  Seriously, are you insane?" asked the General.
    "It was aproved from the very top, as part of a project to find a universal vacine," replied the Doctor.
    The gerneral sat tapping the desk with a pencil. "I want a full, and I mean full, report on this project.  My staff will help you put it together. 
    "What sort of real danger is there from this, number Nine?" asked one of the Generals aids.
    "Well   It carries no deseases, but it is always hungry.  These mountains are full of game, so it will leave a trail of carcass's.
    The soldiers combed the hills for a week, but found nothing.
    "The damned thing could be anywhere out here," said one soldier to the commanding officer.
    "Just keep looking.  We can't let it get away," the officer replied.
    Twenty miles away, there were park camp grounds.
    "Nights are getting colder," Mr. Harris said, rubbing his hands next to the camp fire.
    "Yeah.  I don't see any fish," Joco said, stiring the fire with a stick.
    "I got a couple of really big one's, but I left the lid open, and they ran away, Mr. Harris said, with a smile.
    "Where's your mother?" Mr. Harris asked.
    "She and Kylie went to that camp over by the ranger station," Joco answered.
    They sat by the fire not saying anything.  After a few minutes they heard a scream.
    "What the hell was that?" Joco asked, standing up.
    "Just a coyote or mountain lion or something," said Mr. Harris.
    Then they heard it several more times.
    "That ain't no coyote," stated Joco, sitting back down.
    A few minutes later another camper walked by carrying a rifle.
    "You folks hear that?" asked the camper.
    "Yeah.  Hard to not to," answered Jaco.
    "Say, would you mind coming down to the camp next to the ranger station?  My wife and daughter went there.  I think I'd like to escort them back," Mr Harris said.
    "Sure, glad to," the camper replied.
    "Joco, stay by the fire, and build it up a bit," ordered Mr. Harris.
    "Probably some jerk playing a prank.  He propably wants to promote the Bigfoot scenario," the camper said.
    They got to the camp, but no one was there.  They then went to the Ranger Station.
    "You're here!" exclaimed Mr. Harris, rushing through the door.
    His wife and daughter rushed over and gave him a hug.
    "Did you hear that scream?" asked Kylie.
    "Whoa there dude.  No need for firearms.  Bigfoot is just myth.  I don't know who, or what made that noise, but, I would guess it was just someone playing a prank.  I've been a ranger around here for thirty years, and I have never heard a sound like that before.  So, take that rifle back to your canp, and don't shoot anybody on the way," ordered the ranger.
    "We'll go with you," said Mr. Harris.
    "Joco!  Joco!  Joco!" yeld the four of them.
    "I'm gonna beat the tar out of him.  I told him to stay by the fire," exclaimed Mr. Harris, as he nervously paced back and fourth in front of the fire.
    The camper rushed back to his camp and family.
    After an a few minutes Mr. Harris decided to go back to the ranger station.
    "Stay in the camper, and lock the door," ordered Mr. Harris.
    He had only walked about fifty feet when he heard a noise in the trees.  It sounded like something chewing with their mouth open.  His blood ran cold, and the hair on his neck stood up.
    "Joco?  Is that you?" Mr. Harris queried.
    The chewing noise stopped, and there was a low guttural sound.
    The trees began to russle, closer and closer, and Mr. Harris backed away, than they run toward the ranger station.  He met the ranger coming toward him.
    "Oh, there you are.  I was just on my way to check on your camp, and the guy with the rifle," said the ranger.
    Out of breath Mr. Harris relayed his expiriance.
    "Well, lets a have look," the ranger said, pulling his pistol.
    "I think your gonna need a bigger gun," said Mr. Harris.
    "Right up there," Mr. Harris said, pointing up into the trees.
    "Good thing it is almost a full moon, the light is right handy," said the ranger, shinning his flashlight into the trees, adding, "Stay here."
    "No problem," replied Mr. Harris.
    The ranger came down through the trees.  When he got to the trail, he bent over putting his hands on his knees. 
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