Nine had only been hurt with electricity by those who made him, so the bullets were a new source of pain. 
    The officer fumbled with a new magazine, and Nine tore his head off.  Nine stood there for a moment rubbing the spots where the bullets had hit him.  Nine then ran back into the park, and climbed a tree.  He could see the police surround the house, and the military soon thereafter.  Nine then let out a scream.
    The officers and soldiers froze, then began looking all-round.
    Nine then made his way back to the mountains.
    "Roy must have hit that thing several times," said an officer, referring to his fellow officer.
    The military officer looked over at one of the researchers for some input on possible injuries.
    "Nine has tuff skin and dense muscle tissue, and those look like 9mm casings.  I don't imagine they did too much damage," stated the researcher, shrugging his shoulders.
    After reaching the forest, nine made his way to the top of a large tree, and fell into a deep sleep.  The next day, Nine felt well, and his wounds had mostly healed.  Nine looked down from the tree, and spotted a herd of deer.  He shimmied down the tree, and had a deer in short time.
    As Nine began chewing on the deer, he realized that humans were easier to eat, less hair, softer skin, and better tasting meat.  A few hours later, he awoke from a nap while digesting the deer.  He was hungry again.  He could smell a campfire, with something cooking that made him even hungrier.   It smelled delicious.
    Nine rushed along the path, homing in on a campfire by following the smoke.  When he got there, he saw the Carson family barbecuing spareribs in their back yard.
    He pushed down the fence walked quickly to the barbecue grill, and grabbed the ribs.  He was of course burned.  He let out his highly recognizable scream.
    The entire Carson family ran screaming into their house, except for their six year old Tony.
    Nine licked his burns a few times while watching the Carsons staring the rough the sliding glass doors.  They could only watch in horror.
   "What the hell is that thing?" asked Mr. Carson.
    "It must be that thing they've talking about on the news and radio," yelled Mrs. Carson, adding, "Do something for Christ sake."
    All they could do is hold their breath and stare.
    Nine quickly had the boy in pieces.
    Mrs. Carson passed out.  Mr. Carson picked her up, and the rest of the family ran out the front door, and got in their car.  Nine was not far behind, and was trying to get inside the car when a neighbor began firing at Nine with a shotgun.  The pellets from the shotgun did little damage, but Nine walked back into forest taking parts of the boy with him.
    After the police and military arrived, they took the entire Carson family to the hospital.
    "Where's the dogs?  This thing can't be too far away.  They won't track it.  Their afraid of it I guess." stated an officer.
    "It might be its DNA.  It might smell like many different things.  Could be confusing them.  I've seen a dog take on a grizzly, and a grizzly is much bigger," said one of the techs.
    When the dogs arrived, only one picked up on Nines trail.
    Nine did not want to confront anything, as he was still in pain.  He made his way to a nearby lake.  He had not encountered a lake before, and was rather cautious.  He was thirsty, so he bent over to take a sip.  Little by little he waded further into the lake.  He could hear the dog and people heading in his direction, so he went deeper into the water.  Soon he was up to neck, and his gills began to function.  After a few minutes he was fully under water.
    After that, he wandered throughout the mountains, and occasionally a village.

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